Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Nothing

*Sent by phone so no apologies for looking like a cobbler's thumb*

It has been interesting watching the decline in productivity among the libertarian/rightwing-ish blogging community, and indeed there has been much gazing of navels subsequent to May of last year, and this post is no different.

My contributions were ebbing anyway as it was hard to maintain the repetitive commentary on the same old irritations or form an opinion which had enough momentum to carry itself to the keyboard.

There was also the simultaneous issue of me quitting the public sector job to join the rest of you serfs as well, mind. Found I had less time or unused intellectual stamina after making that particular transition. Odd, that.

There is also the issue that its particularly tricky to resuscitate the blogging gland once its atrophied from disuse; you end up fabricating some sort of egocentric expectation on behalf of the imaginary masses waiting for your proclamation (and those Chinese ad-spammers can be such a tough audience), and that just gets worse the longer you leave it.

The likes of Twitter really aren’t the friend of the blog, either. Any original thought/idea/insult you manage to muster among the shrieking hoards gets smashed into 140 characters and proliferated in real-time to the 3 people on your timeline who are up at 4am. This has the habit of attenuating any enthusiasm you would've had toward documenting for posterity because by the time you fire-up the blog its already old-hat.

Oh and there's always some bastard whose plagiarised the idea right out of your head before you've had a chance to voice it. Snowolf has been a right pain on this front over the past 18 months. If you’re unfamiliar with his blog, start reading from round about the election and read ‘till now and you’ve probably got a fairly representative idea of my stance on things. He is a perpetual cockblocker between me and my muse.

And politically...Jesus. I think I’m a just bit stunned by the frankly impressive way in which this government has managed to be so vilified while achieving so very little. It generally falls to the Tories to come to the rescue (after a Labour government has finished outraging an economy in every orifice), solve some issues by way of doing unpopular things, and then be kicked out in time for the next phalanx of red rosettes to roll back in, loins girded for more.

What we have instead is the EU-harmonised, ISO-standard, QA-tested, stamped and approved gangfuck of social-democractic uselessness that we we’ve grown so fond of over the past decade. At least when we used to be run by chinless braying inbreds, they were at least vaguely competent.

I’m guessing you’ll be hearing more from me on this, but my lunchbreak is over.

There’s taxes to pay, doncha know.


Wolfers said...

Apologies old chap.

I promise to leave your cock alone from now on.

Leg-iron said...

It does get wearing after a while - another easily debunked smoking, drinking, food myth and yet you just know the streets are full of zombies who will believe it.

It's only rage and bloodymindedness that keeps me going these days.

Fortunately I have an inexhaustible supply of both, but even so, some nights I fire up the blog and think 'Oh, what's the point?'

The point is always the same. If I don't let it out, I'm going to end up at the top of the local clock tower with a big bag of guns.

And I don't like heights so that would be awful.

Besides, it's non-smoking up there.

Amusing Bunni said...

It's hard to get motivated by politics and the awful NWO stuff they keep shoveling at us. It seems no matter how much we try to wake people up, and yell about it, nothing happens, in fact it gets WORSE!

I mostly post "fun" things now. Complaining about the regime is useless, plus it could have a person end up in an undisclosed fema camp, and kittehkins would not like that!

JuliaM said...

"It's only rage and bloodymindedness that keeps me going these days."


Roger Thornhill said...

This is just how I feel.

May10+Twitter drained the motive force from Neuearbeitmachtfrei, and with a blog name like that, I am on to a loser right off the bat - NeueToryMachtFraud does not have the same ring.

A new daughter to add to the son and the toll is taken.

Twitter has been my Hong Kong to the China of outrage and indignation. A safety valve, but one that tweeps out pressure in 140char puffs in real time, not some spectacular, apocalyptic explosion of steam, rivets, twisted metal and scalded flesh.

Girlyngdicky SuckerGoogy said...

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